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Kathy Sledge’s voice is tonic for the soul. When COVID-19 sent millions into lockdown earlier this March, the classic Sister Sledge song “Thinking of You” quickly became a staple of “Club Quarantine” hosted by DJ D-Nice on Instagram Live. “That’s my Club Quarantine theme song,” he even declared in the New York Post.

Originally featured on We Are Family, the number one R&B album that catapulted Kathy Sledge and her sisters from near obscurity to national magazine covers, “Thinking of You” charted twice in the UK Top 20 and remains a gleaming paragon among all the hits that Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards wrote and produced for the group. The song’s enduring appeal has now re-introduced Sledge’s lead vocal to D-Nice’s two million followers, plus luminaries who regularly visit Club Quarantine, including Michelle Obama, Rihanna, Drake, and Oprah Winfrey. Sledge herself has also stopped by Club Quarantine, giving D-Nice the ultimate seal of approval.

Sledge has a new groove of her own, however. Just before D-Nice made “Thinking of You” his anthem for Club Quarantine, Sledge completed “Jump Into the Light”, her latest collaboration with London-based production team Horse Meat Disco. It serves up a fresh and modern twist on classic dance music, with the singer’s unmistakable voice ringing out over the rhythm. The song is a worthy follow-up to “Falling Deep in Love” (2019), another Horse Meat Disco gem that showcases the power and potency of Sledge’s signature voice ..

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